About us

Smart Engineering is a technical office of design based in the provinces of Salerno. The company was born from the experience of a team of technical experts and professionals who operate in the fields of mechanical , aeronautical ,railway engineering and metal structural work, , has today a great collaboration with young engineers united by enthusiasm and common passion for technology and for the development of innovative mechanical solutions.

Smart Engineering works closely with the "DI.MEC", Department of Mechanical Engineering at University of Salerno; with architectural and design studios with companies specializing in precision mechanics, mold and pressing of sheet metal, plastic, rubber and carpentry. The flexible and coordinated structure of the company, allows the team to successfully manage different types of projects to meet any request made by the customer. .

How we work

Our team works with all agencies involved in the production process to design, create, develop or improve a product. This can be done by working from our office and constantly interfacing with the customer, or remaining all the time necessary to directly at the offices of our clients in order to establish a daily working relationship ensuring the highest professionalism and privacy.

What we do

We support business in planning of competitive products, designed to obtain lower production costs, working not only on the product itself, but on its whole cycle of production.

We supply solutions to architects and designers for the development of their ideas and their projects.

We study how to improve methods and processing times of industrial processes and existing products planning the construction of machinery and special equipment designed specifically for each requirements.

Our services are divided into four macro sectors
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